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You have Agreed to the Terms And Condition’s and submit . Sign Up / Log in Button for the information you need to create a member account . Please fill it in and create a user for you to log into for future ref . It will be excepted within 24/48 hours . This Website is used for a LIVE​ Portfolio Of Artwork . All artwork are and have private personal characteristics that have been created for specific individuals Please No Screen Shots . Some of the artwork displayed is of " loved ones who have either passed away . Please respect the privacy and the rights of this . No Screen Shots Of ANY artwork to be shared . All Artwork images are not to be shared from this site unless your the owner of the image or the  owner of the drawing painting image etc . All Craft images created are not to be shared unless you have permission or have been approved by Tinamaree . In general Any artwork developed has permission to display your image drawing ‘ painting etc within Tinamaree LIVE Studio website Portfolio . All artwork shall be displayed Tinamaree LIVE studio website for my Future Portfolio history . All images of Artwork must be approved first within the image ( Artwork ) that it is to be  “ of “  If  the image is off a photograph . This has to be approved before procedure .The image must be picture PNG or JPEG format only no less than 1MB in size for a clear image and either taken with a camera or scanner  ( not a photo of a photograph image ) Sending a few images of different closeness helps for a more detailed and the outcome of the Artwork : The More Further away the main image is the less detail . Example : If the photograph you would like done as a portrait .. This is a close image . Once The image has been approved , you then will be notified within the preferred contact information . Artwork stage and development will start to take place within 24 hours from notification . You cannot change your mind after this has taken place .There are no Returns On any Artwork . Thank you .

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